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Javascript Auto Focus Form Element

Published on May 5, 2008 by in Javascript

One of the main reasons I decided to have this blog is to create a reference place so I could easily find code or how to do things from time to time. Usually I have to sift through code trying to remember the last place I used something. From here on out I plan on posting code snippets as I run across them. Today I woke up to an email requesting if a signup form or member login form was opened, they wanted the cursor to automatically focus on the username or the first element of the form. To be honest, I didn't even know it could be done from a page open. So the first thing I did was open up Google and search until I find a way. I an not too ego minded to think I know everything. There is always someone that has found a better way.

Here is the JavaScript code:

Here is the XHTML part of the code:

For those that are a little new to javascript. The javascript should go in the document HEAD. The "element" can be changed to the id of the field you are working with.

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