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Experiments in Domain Parking

Published on May 8, 2008 by in Domain Names

I had just paid for several domains that I had planned to build websites on yet have not had time to do them. You know web entrepreneurs, they are always looking for that next great website.

While I am not one that has taken up the reigns of the domain name rush, I was around early enough that I could have grabbed just about anyone that I had wanted. It's too bad for me that I wasn't the greedy one or I might have got that million dollars I have always wanted. I have always said its better to be rich than famous.

Well anyways I decided to test domain name parking. I found that there are many places that you can park a domain. Some places require that you have 10 or more to park, others want you to pay a fee. I opted to use Name Drive because it was free, and the generated pages actually looked better than some parking sites.

The following domains are ones I have been paying on for years. I had intended to use them as I described them, I will see if parking can at least pay for the cost of ownership

maxhotels.com - Original plan was to create a site for people to book hotels based on the highest hotel ratings. It may not be that now, but at some point I hope I will have time to finish it
ozarksgolf.com - Local golf portal site. One place you could go to find local golf info
ozarksdining.com - Local Restaurant guide
ozarksmusic.com - Whats happening on the local music scene
sleepysearch.com - Another Hotel site
shoppingsearch.biz - Shopping portal

The true test will take a few months. The hard work begins by trying to get the domains to just show up in search engines. After that, its just a matter of time to see if this free parking works.

As time permits I may take one domain and populate it myself with google ads and see how well I can do on my own versus the free parking sites.

For those of you that think you want to try your hand at this, the first thing you will need to do is buy several domain names. Domain names can be bought all over the net, but do a poor programmer a favor and buy it from me at http://www.snethosting.com. While I don't make alot off of them, maybe I can buy myself lunch or something.

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